Jukeboxer Guest Mix – Massju

I present to you the very first Jukeboxer Guest Mix!

Here we have a selection of music from Massju, aka Matthias Heiderich. He is the mastermind behind the beautiful photography displayed in each post here on Jukeboxer. Matthias lives in Berlin, Germany, and his stunning imagery is inspirational to each mix on Jukeboxer.

Aside from photography, Matthias also runs the WeirdAndWired Netlabel, focusing on the weird and unusual side of electronic music. Head on over and check out some of the releases.

So let’s dive in, shall we? Massju, in the mix.

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01 Javelin – Shadow Heart
02 Gonjasufi – I’ve Given
03 Cheung Kam Chun – Green Mountain Jade Valley
04 Broadcast – Before We Begin
05 Electrelane – Love Builds Up

Come Visit My Time Machine

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01 Serpo – Solarsets
02 Nite Jewel – We Want Our Things
03 Beat Connection – In the Water
04 the band in Heaven – a Tunnel into Your Dreams (demo)
05 WAXX MAXX – Celine and Julie Go Boating

Photo: Matthias Heiderich

Remember when we used to stay up all night and laugh?

This is the first in a series of genre influenced mixes.

Shoegaze and Britpop. What a delightful sound.

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01 Cocteau Twins – Blue Bell Knoll
02 The Boo Radleys – Memory Babe
03 Teenage Fanclub – Star Sign
04 Levitation – Firefly
05 Lush – Breeze
06 My Bloody Valentine – When You Sleep
07 Chapterhouse – Pearl
08 Adorable – Homeboy
09 Pulp – Babies
10 Suede – Animal Nitrate
11 Slowdive – Alison
12 Ride – Vapour Trail
13 Swervedriver – Duel
14 The Charlatans – White Shirt
15 The Stone Roses – This Is the One

Photo: Matthias Heiderich

Each and Every Day

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01 Natureboy – Curses Fired

02 Solar Bears – Neon Colony

03 Beautiful Swimmers – Touch Base

04 ASC – The Depths

05 Silent Servant – Untitled (Regis Mix)

Photo: Matthias Heiderich

The Charming

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07 The Charming by jukeboxerblog


01 Tamaryn – Sandstone

02 CFCF – Letters Home (Memoryhouse Remix)

03 Mount Kimbie – Carbonated

04 Neon Canyon – Six Kingdoms

05 Nightlands – Suzerin (A Letter to The Judge)

photo: Matthias Heiderich

Our Home Away From Home

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01 Gamble House – My Brother

02 Dungen – Marken Låg Stilla

03 Family Trees – Dream Talkin

04 CEO – White Magic

05 Oriol – Coconut Coast

photo: Matthias Heiderich