Guest Mix – Bon Accord

London’s Michael Wright, aka Bon Accord, has created one of my favorite EP’s of 2010. His sound blends electronic music, shoegaze, indie, and dream pop perfectly. Atmospheric and nostalgic textures seem to drift by with ease, and his vocals wash over the tracks with a beautifully relaxing tone. When listening to his music, I’m flooded with fond memories of early 4AD, and even Warp Records releases. Sit back and have a listen to his ‘Honeydew EP‘, and experience it for yourself.

His debut 12″ vinyl release will out on the JUKBOXR | label later this year!

I previously featured his track “Happy People” in a mix.

I’m very pleased to be feature this selection of music from Bon Accord. Headphones on please.

Download Mix


1. Com Truise – Cyanide Sisters
2. Games – Everything is Working
3. Strategy – Cascadian Nights
4. Marumari – Baby M
5. Onra – Sitting Back

Photo: Matthias Heiderich


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