Jukeboxer Guest Mix – Beat Connection

Special guests, Beat Connection.

I stumbled upon Seattle’s Jordan Koplowitz and Reed Juenger, aka Beat Connection, via their Bandcamp. After downloading and listening to their “Surf Noir” EP repeatedly for the next few hours, I realized that they had produced one of my favorite releases of 2010. Beat Connection‘s sound is the flawless blend of tropical, atmospheric pop music, perfect for the summer months, and bass heavy, energy-fueled dance floor business. Tom Eddy lends vocal talents to the infectious “In the Water“, and “Silver Screen“. The highlight for me is the slow paced “Fresh Touch“, delivering delicate keys and whispered vocal edits. Short, yet glorious. The EP flows perfectly, start to finish, and it’s begging for a vinyl release. Blue vinyl would be fitting, and tidy.

Headphones on. It’s time for a selection of music from Beat Connection.

Download Mix


01 Nouveaunoise – Cinnte

02 Fatlip, Delicious Vinyl All-Stars – Whats Up Fatlip feat. Fatlip (Breakbot RMX)

03 Keepaway – Family of the Son

04 St. Etienne – Spring (Air France remix)

05 Getz/Gilberto – Girl from Ipanema (BC psychedelic fade out edit)

Photo: Matthias Heiderich


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